-- Learn To SCUBA! --
Here at Discount Divers, we offer a more extensive introductory scuba diving training program than most other vacation dive resorts anywhere - not beginner courses that leave you inexperienced and anxious after only 4 training dives.

By contrast, our mature and patient military-experienced senior staff will provide you with much more thorough and relaxed dive lessons:  Stay in one of our Florida Keys Bed and Breakfast efficiency apartments for a week or so, and you will get not a mere 4 dives, but a total of  9 -12 instructor escorted scuba dives that will leave you comfortable, safe, and competent to fly immediately to any of the exotic dive resorts in the world, confident and fully certified with advanced open water scuba skills - plus you can also acquire additional related specialty training in activities like underwater photography.

We'll treat you like family, and as comrades on the great adventure that exploring the underwater world will become for you - especially since owner Capt Ed Davidson (a former "Top Gun" type fighter pilot instructor with more than 200 combat missions) lives on site in one of the courtyard apartments in our private, gated tropical compound.

The cost for this unique and exciting program is only $1395.00 each for a minimum of two people, including 7-8 nights in our Bed and Breakfast (or $1195.00 if you choose to stay elsewhere).  Plus, so you won't have to be separated from your family or friends during training dives, they are welcome to join you on our reef boat and share the experience for half the usual price of our private charter -- only $35.00 for snorkelers or $55.00 for already certified scuba divers!  And because our "Discount Divers" shop has for many years been one of the largest volume US Divers/Aqua Lung/Cousteau/DeepSee/Suunto dealers in all of Florida, you won't find better bargains anywhere in the country on world class quality dive and snorkel equipment.

Call toll free now to book your adventure and learn how to scuba dive!

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